Is your Hardware Lacquered?

No, all of our brass hardware is not lacquered. They are sent out in their natural matte brass raw finish. You may buff it out yourself or antique it as you wish.

When Will I Receive My Order?

We offer free shipping on all orders placed through this site. Each shipment is sent out via USPS Priority Mail. Priority mail in the US is usually about 1-3 business days depending on where you are in the states.

Can I Get A Refund?

No. As a part of the bargain basement, all products have been either deemed discontinued, defected, refurbished or simply didn’t meet our standards in the production line. All orders are sold as is and final. No returns will be available.

Do you offer any discounts?

All the product on this site is already drastically discounted from our retail site. If we see that we have a lot of inventory on one specific item, we will bundle it up in packs to give you a much better deal.

Which Payment Method Do You Accept?

We are set up to take PayPal on this site. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still checkout through PayPal and just use your credit card as usual.

Can You Guys Finish The Brass Hardware For Me?

The reason we are able to discount the hardware is that there is no overhead on these products. The product is being sold as is and no finishing will be available. We can, however, guide you and instruct you on how to finish them yourselves.

What Happens When You Run Out Of Product?

Our products are constantly being checked on our production line, that if we see something we don’t like, we will simply add it to the bargain basement.

If it was a product that was discontinued, then it will be featured here until we run out of inventory.