Makers of Fine Hardware Since 1936

We use actual antique hardware for our dies and patterns, and still employ many of the same painstaking methods used by early American craftsman. Since our beginning, no compromise is allowed to affect the authenticity or quality of our hardware.

Founder Frank Abner Horton

My great-grandmother, Angeline Horton, was an antique dealer with a need for fine hardware. So my great-grandfather Frank Horton, using his skills as a tool and die-maker, began making reproduction hardware in 1936 in his basement. He established his reputation by making hardware for many of the finest antique dealers in the east.

Four Generations of Commitment to Quality

Jim Horton and his wife Barbara took over the business from Frank. They, in turn, sold it to their daughter Barbara and her husband Toby Rockwell (now retired). Those generations held to Frank’s high standards, added foundry expertise, and expanded our product line.

I hold the reins now and hope that maybe one of my children will want to join the business. I’m proud of our heritage and continue Horton Brasses’ commitment to producing the finest cabinet and furniture hardware, and the finest customer service for you, our customers.

Our Finishes

You’ll find Horton finishing to be exceptional. We start with solid brass for all our hardware (except the hand-forged iron). Our brass finishes are hand done with a dip process for a deep luster. We never use spray finishes, as they don’t provide the depth and life of a dipped finish.

The Horton Finish

The Horton finishes are the result of years of effort and are very special. There are seven standard finishes to choose from. Regardless of which you choose, some things never change. We always start with solid brass. Every Horton finish is applied by hand. We take no shortcuts.

For many years all of our finishes were supplied with no lacquer to create a living finish. We still do that. But in response to demand, all of our brass finishes are available with a lacquer coating upon request. Lacquering is a 20% up-charge and sometimes has a lead time. Popular kitchen items are in stock in dark and antique lacquer as well.

Bright and semi-bright brass finishes are created by hand-buffing each piece by the order. Our bright brass finish is spectacular and polished to a jewelry-like shine. Each piece gleams. Or you may prefer semi-bright brass finish, with its smooth satin appearance. I feel that no one can compete with us on brass finishing. Our professional woodworking customers tell us it’s true. If you have any questions about our brass finishes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Antique Brass Finish (A):

Antique is a soft, brown finish. It can be lightened with brass polish or buffed off completely. It is not lacquered and is an extremely versatile finish.

Antique Finish

Light Antique Brass Finish (LA):

Light antique is a newer finish-we start with our regular antique brass and buff it gently to bring out the gold highlights. The variation in the color gives it a more natural antique appearance.

Light Antique Finish

Dark Antique Brass Finish (DA):

Our dark antique is a nearly black finish with a satin sheen-many companies call this finish oil-rubbed bronze. We prefer dark antique. It is also un-lacquered so if it is handled often it will lighten up-sometimes drastically. We suggest the dark antique brass finish with lacquer for kitchen applications.

Dark Antique Finish

Semi-Bright Brass Finish (SB):

Brass hardware is simply brushed with mineral oil using soft wire brushes. once it’s dry, you are left with a pale yellow color from the brass with a natural satin sheen.

Semi Bright Brass Finish

Bright Brass Finish (B):

Also known as polished brass, our bright finish is hand polished through several steps to achieve a truly brilliant, mirror-like shine.

Bright Brass Finish

Satin Nickel Finish (SN):

Satin nickel is a soft, silver finish. Produced much like our semi-bright finish-the brass is first brushed with very fine wire wheels. A durable finish is applied on top. Nickel finishes take on the texture of the brass below them.

Satin Nickel Finish

Polished Nickel Finish (PN):

Much like bright, polished nickel parts are first buffed by hand to a mirror-like shine. Then a durable nickel plating is applied to get a bright silver finish.

Polished Nickel Finish